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Dear Colleagues,

It is our pleasure to invite you to the 45th International EPR Symposium in beautiful Copper Mountain, Colorado.

It is EPR’s 80th birthday. We are celebrating the convergence of wisdom and innovation, the synergy between tradition and reinvention, and looking forward to being the meeting where young scientists new to EPR can meet giants of the field and in which the boundaries and scope of EPR is dramatically extended. EPR has so much to offer and so much to learn, and we aspire for this conference be the place where these conversations happen! We look forward to having you join us in August!

Songi Han (Chair) and Steve Hill (Co-Chair) 2024 EPR Symposium

Conference Program

View the current conference program (draft)

Past programs from 1957 through the present are archived in the Digital Commons of DU.


Plenary Speakers

Christiane R. Timmel

University of Oxford ↗︎

Hassane S. Mchaourab

Vanderbilt University ↗︎

EPR is turning 80!

The 80th anniversary of EPR, pioneered by Yevgeny Zavoisky in 1944, marks a cornerstone in the evolution of magnetic resonance technologies and their applications across a broad spectrum of fields. This discovery has not only enriched our understanding of atomic and molecular magnetism but has also facilitated advancements in diverse areas ranging from chemistry and physics to medicine and material science.
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Invited Speakers

Martyna Elas

University Jagiellonian University in Kraków ↗︎

Mi Hee Lim

Korea Advanced Insitute of Science & Technology (KAIST) ↗︎

Alexander Schnegg

Max Planck Insitute for Chemical Energy Research ↗︎

Josef Michl

University of Colorado Boulder ↗︎

John Morton

University College London ↗︎

Maxie Roessler

Imperial College London ↗︎

Gunnar Jeschke

ETH Zurich ↗︎

Ryan Hadt

California Institute of Technology ↗︎

XinXin Cai

University of Rochester ↗︎

Zhongyu Yang

North Dakota University ↗︎

Marina Bennatti

University of Goettingen ↗︎

Reza Dastvan

Saint Louis University ↗︎

Scientific Committee

Songi Han (Chair)

Northwestern University ↗︎

Stephen Hill (Vice-Chair)

Florida State University ↗︎

Claudia Avalos

New York University ↗︎

Chris Boehme

University of Utah ↗︎

Mrignayani Kotecha

Chief Executive Officer, O2M ↗︎

Petr Neugebauer

Central Euro. Inst. of Tech. ↗︎

Alexey Silakov

Penn State University ↗︎

Chandra Ramanathan

Dartmouth College ↗︎

Sandra Eaton

University of Denver ↗︎

Mark Tseytlin

West Virginia University ↗︎

Sunil Saxena

University of Pittsburg ↗︎

Stefan Stoll

University of Washington ↗︎

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