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Rocky Mountain Conference 2024

The 63rd Annual Rocky Mountain Conference on Magnetic Resonance (RMCMR) will take place August 4-8, 2024 at the Copper Conference Center in Copper Mountain, Colorado. The Rocky Mountain Conference on Magnetic Resonance is endorsed by the Colorado Section – American Chemical Society↗︎ and the Society for Applied Spectroscopy↗︎.


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Without the financial support of these organizations, the conference would not be possible. Thank you for your donations.

What We're All About

The Rocky Mountain Conference on Magnetic Resonance (RMCMR) aims to promote the latest advances in magnetic resonance and its applications in biological, chemical, engineering, and quantum information sciences. The conference showcases the latest discoveries from an international and diverse panel of researchers. We especially value the participation of graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and the next generation of academic leaders through a vibrant program of contributed talks and well-attended poster sessions. We promote education and professional growth through workshops, social and networking opportunities. The RMCMR encompasses two sister conferences, the EPR Symposium and the Solid-State NMR Symposium. The much beloved joint session is held biennially to foster mutual interests.

This Year's Schedule

NMR and EPR sister programs are synced

One of the highlights is the Wednesday joint EPR and NMR sessions
coming soon

Conference Committee

Kurt Zilm

Yale University

Sandra Eaton

University of Denver

Sunil Saxena

University of Pittsburg
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