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The Rocky Mountain Conference on Magnetic Resonance (RMCMR) is managed by Milestone Presentations, LLC, a professional trade show management and conference planning company with locations throughout the U.S.

Questions regarding registration, travel, accommodations, and other general logistics may be addressed by contacting Milestone Presentations. For all questions related to the scientific content of the conference, please refer to the rotating EPR and NMR committee information below.

Conference Management

Milestone Presentations, LLC
4255 South Buckley Road, #118
Aurora, Colorado 80013

Phone: (800) 996-3233 or (303) 690-3233
Fax: (888) 996-3296 or (303) 690-3278

EPR Committee

Songi Han (Chair)

Northwestern University

Stephen Hill (Vice-Chair)

Florida State University

Claudia Avalos

New York University

Chris Boehme

University of Utah

Mrignayani Kotecha

Chief Executive Officer, O2M

Petr Neugebauer

Central Euro. Inst. of Tech.

Alexey Silakov

Penn State University

Chandra Ramanathan

Dartmouth College

Sandra Eaton

University of Denver

Mark Tseytlin

West Virginia University

Sunil Saxena

University of Pittsburg

Stefan Stoll

University of Washington

Solid-state NMR Committee

Christian Bonhomme (Co-Chair)

Pierre et Marie Curie University

Joanna Long (Co-Chair)

University of Florida

David Bryce (Past Co-Chair)

University of Ottawa

Amir Goldbourt (Past Co-Chair)

Tel Aviv University

Björn Corzilius

Universität Rostock

Galia Debelouchina

University of California San Diego

Pierre Florian


Rachel Martin

University of California Irvine

Ulla Gro Nielsen

Novo Nordisk Foundation

Aaron Rossini

Iowa State University
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