Dear Colleagues,

It is our pleasure to invite your participation in this year’s Rocky Mountain EPR Symposium, July 28 – August 1, 2013. In addition to several vibrant and exciting sessions, we will be located at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Denver, Colorado. Our change from the customary mountain locale to Denver this year is intended to accommodate those that have expressed a desire for a lower elevation urban locale.

Please check back here for updates as our program materializes. We look forward to having you join us in Denver.

Gail Fanucci (Chair) and Mark Sherwin (Co-Chair)
2013 EPR Symposium




Sunday, July 28 – Workshop, Bruker Presentation, and EPR Lab Open House (At University of Denver, Olin Hall)
Monday, July 29 – Oral presentations (EPR for Spin Devices & Materials), Posters & Conference Reception
Tuesday, July 30 – Oral presentations (Biological Macromolecules & Methods), Posters & EPR Reception
Wednesday, July 31 – Oral presentations (Frontier in Spin Labeling & Radical Radicals) & Posters
Thursday, August 1 – Oral presentations (In vivo) & Posters (ends at noon)

Workshop, Bruker Presentation, and EPR Lab Open House (At University of Denver, Olin Hall):

2:00 pm – Workshop: Rapid Scan EPR
5:30 pm – Bruker Presentation of New Developments
6:30 pm – Refreshments
7:15 pm – Open House in University of Denver EPR Laboratories

Piette Lecture:

David S. Cafiso (University of Virginia)

Topics & Invited Speakers:

EPR for Spin Devices (Monday, July 29): John Morton (University College London) – Chair
Patrice Bertet (CEA, Saclay)
David Cory (University of Waterloo)
Amir Yacoby (Harvard University)

Materials (Monday, July 29): Dane McCamey (University of Sydney) – Chair
Joe Shinar (Iowa State University)
Susumu Takahashi (University of Southern California)

Biological Macromolecules (Tuesday, July 30): Kurt Warncke (Emory University) – Chair
R. David Britt (University of California Davis)
Victoria DeRose (University of Oregon)
Brian M. Hoffman (Northwestern University)

Methods (Tuesday, July 30): Christoph Boehme (University of Utah) – Chair
Martin Brandt (Technical University of Munich)
Carlos Graeff (University of Sao Paulo)
Sang-Yun Lee (University of Stuttgart)

Frontier in Spin Labeling (Wednesday, July 31): Fraser MacMillan (University of East Anglia) – Chair
Daniella Godfarb (Weitzmann Institute)
Gunnar Jeschke (ETH Zurich)

Radical Radicals (Wednesday, July 31): Frederick Villamena (Ohio State University) – Chair
Valery Khramtsov (Ohio State University)
Ronald Mason (NIEHS)
Andrzej Rajca (University of Nebraska)

In vivo (Thursday, August 1): Howard J. Halpern / Boris Epel (University of Chicago) – Chair
Gareth Eaton (University of Denver)
Periannan Kuppusamy (Dartmouth College)
Hideo Utsumi (Kyushu University)

Scientific Committee:

Gail Fanucci (University of Florida) – Chair
Mark Sherwin (University of California, Santa Barbara) – Co-Chair 2013, Chair 2014
Kurt Warncke (Emory University) – Co-Chair 2014; Chair 2015
Christoph Boehme (University of Utah)
Howard J. Halpern (University of Chicago)
Fraser MacMillan (University of East Anglia)
Dane McCamey (University of Sydney)
John Morton (University College London)
Frederick Villamena (Ohio State University)

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