The next Solid-state NMR Symposium will be held at the 62nd Rocky Mountain Conference on Magnetic Resonance, July 25-29, 2022 at the Copper Conference Center in Copper Mountain, Colorado.

Check out the Who’s Who in Solid-state NMR webpage, and add your entry!


Monday, July 25 – Bruker SSNMR Symposium & Workshop, Oral presentations (evening)
Tuesday, July 26 – Oral presentations, Posters & Conference Reception
Wednesday, July 27 – (Morning free time) Oral presentations (Vaughan Symposium in afternoon) & Posters
Thursday, July 28 – Oral presentations, Posters, Conference Banquet & Awards Ceremony
Friday, July 29 – Oral presentations & Posters (ends at noon)

Vaughan Lecture:


Invited Speakers:


Scientific Committee:

Sophia E. Hayes (Washington University in St. Louis) – Co-Chair
Tatyana Polenova (University of Delaware) – Co-Chair
Marek Pruski (Iowa State University) – Co-Chair
Sharon Ashbrook (University of St. Andrews) – Past Chair
Christopher Jaroniec (The Ohio State University) – Past Chair
Christian Bonhomme (Pierre et Marie Curie University)
David Bryce (University of Ottawa)
Pierre Florian (CEMHTI-CNRS)
Amir Goldbourt (Tel Aviv University)
Joanna Long (University of Florida)
Rachel Martin (University of California Irvine)


National High Magnetic Field Laboratory

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