Call for nominations:

Nominations for the 2026 Vaughan Lecturer are solicited from the Solid-state NMR community. The deadline for the nominations is January 2026. The nominations should include the following:

1. Name of nominee, the nominee’s affiliation, address, phone, fax and e-mail.
2. Name of nominator, address, phone, fax and e-mail.
3. A brief (no more than 300 words) description of the work(s) serving as the basis for the nomination.

The nomination letters should be sent to

Vaughan Lecture committee selection:

The Vaughan Lecturer selection committee is comprised of the Chair and the six most recent Vaughan Lecturers:

  • Jeff Reimer – Chair
  • Anne Lesage
  • Chad Rienstra
  • Bernhard Blümich
  • Dominique Massiot
  • Rod Wasylishen
  • Mark Conradi

Nominations for the Vaughan Lecturer are solicited from the solid-state NMR community, and the awardee is chosen from these nominations by the Selection Committee.  The winner is notified prior to the meeting and announced to the community during the last session of the RMC SSNMR symposium.

Past Vaughan Lecturers:

2024 Anne Lesage
2022 Chad Rienstra
2018 Bernhard Blümich
2016 Dominique Massiot
2014 Rod Wasylishen
2012 Mark Conradi
2010 Ago Samoson
2009 Kurt Zilm
2008 Clare P. Grey
2007 Robin K. Harris
2006 Lucio Frydman
2005 Malcolm H. Levitt
2004 Robert Tycko
2003 Colin Fyfe
2002 Jeffrey Reimer
2001 Stanley Opella
2000 Cynthia Jameson
1999 Hans Spiess
1998 Shimon Vega
1997 Charles Slichter
1996 Gary Maciel
1995 David Grant
1994 Alex Vega
1993 Jake Schaefer
1992 Robert Griffin
1991 Dan Weitekamp
1990 Maurice Goldman
1989 Harry Pfeifer
1985-88 NONE
1984 Nino Yannoni
1983 E. Lippmaa (unable to attend)
1982 Alex Pines
1981 John Waugh
1980 Michael Mehring
1979 Bernie Gerstein

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